Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Nah--I'm not psychic! That's stands for Eastern State Penitentiary!
Here's some teaser photos--but some of you may not know that I am posting very, very little of my progress here or on FB.
For info on how to follow the project at USArtists please follow this link to a post I did a little while back which has all the info.

Click on images for ginormous versions.

Here's the layering for you techies. That's R/cl lamberts with 1059 reusche and silverstain. The blue is who-knows-what...lambert's probably....and the pink is aurora on clear Saint Just...I had a huge SNIT when the layer for the body fell out of my hand (apparently the brain function which governs gripping is defective in me) and smashed to bits.... Here is an excellent resource for those trying times, so you aren't left speechless, gawd forbid.


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