Thursday, January 27, 2011

More info than you asked for

Here is my skeddy for the next year or so as it stands today......

Exhibition: “History in the Making: Renwick Craft Invitational 2011

1st floor, Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution
March 25, 2011 – July 31, 2011
History in the Making: Renwick Craft Invitational 2011 presents the work of ceramic artist Cliff Lee, furnituremaker Matthias Pliessnig, glass artist Judith Schaechter and silversmith Ubaldo Vitali. These four extraordinary artists create works of superior craftsmanship that address the classic craft notion of function without sacrificing a contemporary aesthetic.”


Lecture: Thursday, March 10th – 7:00 PM
Speaker: Judith Schaechter
Blurred Horizons: Fine Art vs. Craft

Admission $5 Buy Tickets Online!
“The Philadelphia Art Alliance is pleased to present the next installment in our new flagship lecture series, The Commonwealth. On Thursday, March 10th, PAA will host Philadelphia artist and educator Judith Schaechter for a lecture entitled “Blurred Horizons: Fine Art vs. Craft”. Ms. Schaechter, a distinguished artist who has received multiple fellowships from prestigious foundations such as The National Endowment for the Arts, PEW Trust and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, will speak about the inspiration for her modern stained glass work and examine the trajectory of craftspeople who have sought to position themselves as fine artists over the last half-century.”



“Creativity: Surviving Challenges”
The Professional Institute for Educators
Continuing Studies | The University of the Arts


“Artist Judith Schaechter will show some examples of her own intricate, narrative glasswork and will talk about approaches to creative thinking – both as an artist in studio practice and as a teacher guiding students in developing their craft and concepts.

How can new creative ideas be cultivated? The creative process is weird, elusive and ultimately unknowable. Sometimes ideas occur suddenly, sometimes they linger and sometimes there is the dreaded “block.” How can teachers in the arts help students to embrace and better understand that creativity and perseverance are essential, yet difficult? How can art teachers help students value the process of exploration to find multiple possibilities?

Schaechter has considered these questions, influenced by the Multiple Intelligences research of Howard Gardner, to explore the challenges that artists face. She developed a quiz to guide her students in the exploration and discussion of their own creativity in practice---looking at inspiration, work habits, motivation, beliefs and audience.”


Late April/early May:
Visiting artist in residence at Australia National University in Canberra Australia. Glass Department.



BeCON Conference
Bullseye Glass, Portland Oregon
I am delivering the keynote address and also teaching a one day workshop June 20th.


Cute & Creepy” (group exhibition)
October 7 (opening date) – November 20, 2011
Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts


MARCH 2012:
Installation of 10-15 windows at Eastern State Penitentiary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First major showing in Philly since 1999-ish!!!!!!!
Link to art installation program at ESP


Upcoming (no date)
My work will be featured on skateboards by MakerUSA! I guess I should stop telling those durned kids to quit skateboarding in front of my house....
“Maker collective exists as a place where the reverence for the handmade is at the core of our mission, where an authentic life is one where inspiration and insight inform the hands and work of the artistic soul.”

As work is exclusively represented by Claire Oliver Gallery
513 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001 / Tel: 212.929.5949 /

Friday, January 21, 2011

Say good by to Germ Books

Hey peeps who like Germ books!! Friends and fans of the fantastic David E. Williams!!

Come out and say goodbye on Monday with me! (for the record--I am NOT "co-hosting" this event--I will be there, that's all)

So sad to see this fantastic "institution" close its doors....


A night in tribute to David E. Williams and the closing of Fishtown's legendary GERM books/gallery

Monday Jan 24 - 9pm FREE

with tributes from Radio Eris, Jon Canady, David Talento, Red Masque, the Nikola Tesla Inventors Club and more LIVE

National Mechanics

22 S. 3rd St. btween Chestnut and Market

Thursday, January 6, 2011

All the Noose that's fit to print

Sorry for the lack of posting....may I plead holiday distractions?
Here's what's going on at Studio House of Rats:

1. new print "Feral Child" 60" wide....woot woot!

2. Sculpture (currently in plasticine, to be cast in glass by Steve Easton). Hey--sculpture is fun! Who knew????

3. I am writing a book. Title suggestions welcome...this is going to be five essays.

"Beauty-Inspiration-Creativity"--this incorporates the beauty essays from this blog--rewritten for the ten thousandth time. I swear...this time nailed it. yeah right!

"Craft in the Age of Digital Technology"--craft...what is it distinct from fine arts and design, why should anyone care, etc.

"This is Not a Pipe" on the notion "authenticity"--originally for a symposium at Camden Rutgers but posted here too.

"Treasure and Torture" --art and politics. Ugh. I hate politics. This was written originally to present to my UArts students in conjunction with a project they were assigned. They were tasked with responding to the "Tesoros" exhibition at the Philly PMA, an exhibition of post-colonial South American art and artifacts.

"Light, Divine and Otherwise"--stained glass and light.

So enough about do you think I look?