Monday, July 3, 2017

Busy l'il hive o' activity

"Wild Life"  44" x 40"

 I finished this piece, which took over 6 months and then I thought...NOW WHAT?!?!?!?!? 
I decided to do some rondels...because they are fun...low pressure (or so I imagine at the outset)

 And then I finished this one into a full piece:

“Immigration Policy” 26" x 20"

 So then, NOW WHAT?!?!?!?!?    I hate starting I decided to start a whole bunch on the theory that they would cancel out each other's scariness.

"Luster" 12" x 13"
The above small piece was a study...but I never investigated finishing it as a larger work.  So I started that and voila! She turned into a cow.  (Last summer I read "Prometheus Bound". )

 Here's the glass pieces for the character to be turned into a window at some point.

  Then there was the I did this rondel:

And then after that, I began this one:

 This one was more of an experiment.  An experiment I call "How can I avoid painting the boring parts of the human body? (I.e. everything below the neck)."

 Here's the sketch. 
And then there was THIS....sitting around in my pile of stuff, unresolved:

This blue thing is how she began life.  So I chopped out the head and gave her a new body which you see above.  But I didn't like it either.  So she sat around in a tray.  So recently, I re-thought it and remade it and she looked like this:


Again, I liked it better, but yet again, the proportions seemed wrong.  So YET AGAIN, I re-thought it and remade it and she looked like this: (and finally I can sleep at night.)

 I also had this experimental figure lying around awaiting attention:


Again the proportions seemed wrong to me.  So here is how she turned out after I rethought her:

there will be a table or something she is leaning on  someday....

 This sketch was in my pile o' stuff:

So I made this figure in glass and here she is:

 I was very pleased with this one on the first try. 

Here are two head kissing on my light table.

I also made this.  She supposed to be holding a snake.  Someday.
And then there is THIS!  You know what an emblem is?  Look it up.  "Semper Idem" means "Always the Same" and this is my favorite emblem and I have wanted to interpret it for a while now.

The glass

The sketch

 And...then there is this sketch:

Monday, May 29, 2017

Five drawings

Here are five drawings for new pieces.  Actually, they are officially cartoons, meaning they show how I am planning on cutting the glass.
I often start with a gawdawful collage of images of body parts, some drawn by me and some culled from the interwebs. 
Her head and bust are existing glass I have already made.
That sketch is enough to get going in glass, but I am procrastinating.  So I decided to draw them nicely.  I thouhgt it might be a good idea to be influence by the drawing style of John Flaxman--an engraver with a particularly clear and coherent way of drawing.

This one is based on an emblem I particularly love.  "Semper Idem" means "always the same", fyi.