Thursday, November 12, 2009

UArts Students: sign up for my class!!!

Me, being all officially and teachery in Scotland with artist/student Angela Steele (whom you should all check out!)

Hey UArts students (and anyone else)--my class has only ONE person enrolled in it!
Mayday Mayday! Sign up now!!!!!!!

its CRGL221 for 3 credits W:8:30-11:20, 1-3:50 in the glass studio in Hamilton.

If you have any interest in producing imagery in glass this is the class for you!
See other blog entries to get an idea of what will be short...everything. And its an amazingly quick learning curve. The techniques are pretty simple.

Sign up now--you will not be disappointed! (And please tell your friends in Painting, Printmaking, Illustration, Graphics and Animation that they have a big gaping emptiness in their lives that can only be filled with STAINED GLASS!!)

Thank you.