Saturday, April 27, 2013

Twitter and other social media noose.

I am tweeting now.  I am @juditschaechter  (No "H" in Judit!  Apparently, my name is too long. :P)
 Having already done this, I think its too late to be "udithschaechter" which has a nice ooky ring to it.
Please follow me...
I intend to use the twittering to notify people of important stuff regarding exhibitions, but also other stuff I find that may be of interest if you are into my artwork, into my taste in imagery or are a former student of mine.

I also have a tumblr.  I recently upgraded my template so it wasn't so boring and horrible to look at.
The tumblr site is exclusively devoted to "fine, fine images"...  What I mean by that is images that could be described as visually.............OMG!!!!!!  I am having a total core reactor meltdown trying to find language to describe this.
OK--I like images that are:  ambiguous, dark, visually intriguing, well designed, beautiful,  whatever any of that means...
Subjects I am interested in:  natural history, old prints, illuminations, alchemical and other esoteric stuff, anatomy, mythology and old illustration.  Go have a look and see for yourself.

The one thing about tumblr which keeps me from posting literally thousands more images is that my files are on my hard drive and rarely give any indication of the source or the artist' credit.  This is a huge ethical issue on tumblr (and the internet in general) and I would really feel lousy tumbling things without giving credit.  However--many of the makers, artists and authors are I say, I have TONS of stuff I would love to post but as it is, I mostly limit myself to to reposting what I find on flickr and tumblr.
Please weigh in on your feeling by writing me a comment...
Should I go for broke and post endless amazing stuff with less credit (to makers or to where it was originally found on the web) or should I only post when I can give a source?

Finally: I have updated the template and appearance of this blog.  It old.  Now you can tweet a post, post it to Facebook or email it, should that tickle your fancy!

I hope these changes to my virtual life improve your experience with the Noose and House of Rats etc, etc.