Saturday, August 11, 2012

Snakes. On a Plane.

I mean "plane" like "planar"...not aeroplane! D'oh!

These are the snakes I referenced in this image. 

From those sources, I "unwound" the snakes and reconfigured them to intertwine with each other.

Then I made a black and white sketch in my own hand (done with a rapidograph on mylar).  I had this scanned and  painted it in Photoshop.

Here is the painting.  This image is an endless repeating tile. meaning it can be reproduced as wallpaper (the kind on your walls or the kind on your computer, I  don't matter none) or as a fabric or anything else that needs an endless repeat design.  Click on image to supersize!  There is a TON of detail compared to the first version.  Lots of fun stuff going on with the snakes scales.

TMI department: this image was an absolute BLAST to make.  This is the type of work I like best.  Endless noodling at the actual pixel size and endless details.

If you don't believe me about the tile, here it is repeated eight times.