Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eastern State

Many of you know I am working this year on a series of windows for Eastern State Penitentiary here in Philadelphia.
I have made the decision not to post updates (or at least not very many and not too many pictures) on this blog because I felt it was a conflict of interest. Let me explain: I was given the opportunity, outside of E.S.P. to raise funds. This was done through a new initiative by United States Artists.
I was successful in raising all the funds I was asking for!!!! And I am immensely grateful to the donors and to USA Artists. Now, their website has a blog feature (called "Updates") so donors and followers get privileged info via the site. I don't think it would be fair to them to post here as well, since that was a special perk of being a member of the site.
HOWEVER: one need not have donated to be a "follower".
If you are interested in reading my updates on this project and seeing images of the work in progress please go here and sign up as a "follower" of my project. At the top right of the page is a "sign up" button. Let me know if this doesn't allow you to follow my project as I am a bit uncertain how this works.

If I use part of a piece as a demo I will post on this blog, however as this seems the appropriate venue for that type of post.
Just to prove I mean what I say, above is a head for window #2 and below is the layers used to create the colors.

French antique blue on clear #11 (only because I can't get Lambert's light enough!!!!), An old sheet of Desag gold pink on clear (same reason its not Lamberts--which I far would prefer to be using!) and LAMBERT'S red/ cl B. Stencil black and silver stain.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

this is just a test

Something I'm diddling around with in Photoshop. It is a full figure from the drawing below. Probably these wide eyed little girls have had more than their meme-day...but I can't seem to lose interest! Perhaps someone should stage an intervention. (Note to the overly literal: that was a joke.)
For goodness sakes, click on it to see it big!! All those pixels...just for yooooou!