Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Top section as of today, Tuesday Nov 29.
Some close ups--click to enlarge!

Jaundiced lady in aviator helmet (who doesn't want to look at that in their art?)! This is red on clear that's been engraved, painted and silver stained. Later, I engraved much of the silverstain OFF to cure her of her jaundice but leave her looking...interesting.....
Profile of a clown. I said, many posts ago, that I was doing a lot of experimenting in this window. Here's one! The blue on clear (St Just 11--very pale blue on clear) is sandblasted, then enameled with transparent carmine. That's how it looked together on top. Ultimately, I ground off the carmine and added a layer of pink glass--this was just too murky looking.
Monk-y head! Red on clear and a layer of selenium orange on clear.
Monk outfits. The drapery is painted (stencil black) on sandblasted float glass. That's three firings of paint to get the detail and rich blacks.
Silverstain blooper. I ground it out and repolished the glass. It was not apparent when it went into the oven, but that seam was created by putting on two abutting areas of stain. OOOPS! Don't do that (unless you want to). The "proper" way would be one matte, badgered smooth.
Ladies skirt. Gold pink on clear (DESAG), blue on clear with silverstain. (Photo sandblast stencil.)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

many pics!

Click to enlarge! (But be aware this snail is, in actuality about 1.5" wide) Top panel as of last night....

I turned this character around to face towards the fray. I originally thought it would be good to have some looking in other directions...but changed my mind.
Monk-like dudes

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Top middle panel: The image on the right is the original. On the left is the newer sketch, which I redid to add more drama. I didn't like the two girls playing tugowar--they didn't have a lot of tension or drama. Plus the gray area seemed too empty.
Above: how it looked this morning. Below: some detail of the work in progress. Click to enlarge!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

MIT Lecture

Surviving Your Creativity can be heard HERE. This is a talk I gave at MIT recently--the 2011 Page Hazlegrove Annual lecture in glass.
The subject is not my work (or even glass) but creativity itself. Bon appetit!