Tuesday, August 30, 2011

sketch for ESP transom

this is a thumbnail cartoon--not even a sketch really. Although it looks teensy here it is 57" wide and about that tall at the peak of the arch. I used tons of doodles from umpteen trillion meetings, lectures and phone calls. So much I previously thought useless has found new life here. Mostly in clown suits....... The theme is "The Battle of Carnival and Lent". I thought it fitting for a prison--the kind of battle inside everyone with impulse control issues. Let's think binary for sec, shall we? Apollo vs. Dionysus, angel vs. devil, chaos vs. control, Lennon vs. McCartney, vanilla vs. chocolate, night vs, day etc etc the yin yang of it all!!! The humanity!

God help you if don't click to enlarge it....

Here's Breughel's orig.

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