Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pilchuck class

Amazing class...amazing, amazing's just a small sampling....

Class Left side front to back: TA Kara Rennert, Tasha Kuring, Nikki Hillman, Sharon Peters.
Front: Sachi Fujikake, Doreen Garner
Right side front to back: Me, Barabara Nichols, Deb Wright--behind Barbara--sorry Deb!!!! :-(
Deborah Horrell, Marina Marioni
TA Tim Belliveau is leaning over the table...easily identifiable as the only male...!
Kara Rennert
Sarah Tippit

Tasha Kuring (two views--the top shows how 3-D this was...)
Tasha again
Nikki Hillman

Tim Belliveau

Sachi Fujikake
Deborah Horrell
Barbara Nichols

Sharon Peters
Marina Marioni
Deb Wright

Doreen Garner


Doreen Garner said...

good job on those links lady!

rogersc said...

haha Sarah Tippit!! I recognized her work instantly! She was in the same class as me last summer with the De La's! Fun times. She's super talented. Looks like ya'll had fun. Wish I coulda been there.

thelma christian said...

hello judith please could you tell me some of the techniques used to wonderful effect in the groups pieces and as i am in scotland can you recommend how i can learn these through books or video thanks thelma christian