Tuesday, August 11, 2009

working on this

Lambert's 1001 r/clB...tried for a nice even tone, no cords.
Cut glass and sandblast all of it evenly with no mask.
Trace image with razor pt sharpie.
Wipe with mixture of stencil black and red for flesh (3 parts blk, 1 part r/f/f aprox) and wipe off excess so paint is sticking to the texture but no more.
Paint traced line in with glass paint--I used a 00 Simmons white nylon liner. Woohoo!
Fire to 1213F--no ramp, no soak full steam ahead! Grrrrrr!
Engrave and diamond file highlights...working into the shadows oooh baby, thaaaaat's right, just like thaaaat....!

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