Monday, April 27, 2009

in progress

Engraved turquoise flash.  About 16" tall.  Tentative Title "Mad Meg" after Breughel's painting.


Oisín said...

Looks exciting -- can't wait to see the next stage ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely, as always... the shading slays me.

Q: You've got two pieces there... is that because the flash comes in 12" squares? I'm guessing, as you say it is about 16" tall. I'm curious, how will you join the two together in the finished piece?

Judith Schaechter said...


I made it in two pieces because....I forget! Either because I wanted a lead line somewhere in there or the turquoise glass sheet couldn't accommodate that sized rectangle. Methinks its a combo of both...

I am doing another layer--perhaps an entirely contrasting image. I'm not sure yet!
And I may cut it into smaller shapes later...or not.

Am I wavering enough yet?