Saturday, December 20, 2008

Please check out my friend Andy Prieboy's new songs at his website. Andy and I have had a longstanding friendship as well as a "collaboration" of sorts—I am very, very proud and extremely honored to be associated with him—he's a true genius!!!

I did a cover for his ep "Montezuma Was a Man of Faith" in the 1990's and when his book "Psycho Ex" (with Merrill Markoe) came out, he offered up images of my work as alternative dust jackets available for download. Read this book—its really hilarious and well written. BUT—even better: check out his music. Andy is an AMAZING artist with a unique style all his own. The lyrics go from scathing indictments of humanity at its silly most infuriating worst to generous empathetic portraits of people and situations. The music is eclectic—something like show tunes from an intellectual, new wave hell, put through a blender with blues, gospel, funk and punk and spun around for about ten minutes on "puree". By the way—I would check out "Pricks Up Front" and "Bands" as a starter, if you are unfamiliar with Andy's music. You will so NOT be sorry!!!

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Mister Twister said...

Have been Andy's fan for two years now. Did not know you made these covers; thought they were famous paintings or smth. Great job!