Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Piece

"Self Portrait of Someone Else" is now viewable here.

The design was inspired by this amazing window here.
For those of you who've been remiss in your stained glass education: many windows were smashed because of the Protestant Reformation  (reform works in mysterious ways....)  The windows were later rebuilt as these sort of post modern collages.  This Flikr set is from Holy  Trinity Church in Lincolnshire England and is a spectacular example of "jumble windows".  It seems evident the restorer had quite a vision...


czar said...

Your new piece is very wicked and stimulating. I enjoyed your article in Glass and reading your book Extra Virgin. Very cool work

Kenny Blotto said...

I likes that winder a bunch and
that flickr set is a nice slide show. Ooh La La all of that silver stain. Hot tip: Silver stain on a clear base of blue flashed glass makes a whole range of very nice greens. Flashed glass is a wonderful thing. But that's another story, so as Red Skelton used to say... GoodNightAndGodBless

Anonymous said...

So that's what people do with my photos - I hadn't bothered to follow up visitors to my site before!

Gordon Plumb