Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Third paint firing. A third layer of paint seems necessary to get deep blacks and for tweaking. I can be a sloppy painter and go back and forth between engraving and painting to get things "right"...whatever that means.
Hey! Its been called to my attention that some of the tech talk is a bit advanced. I don't always have a sense of whom I am writing for...anyway--earlier in the blog, I posted a more basic painting demo which should explain things in much greater depth. This one, too...
should you be interested.
OMG---what's THIS???? I ruinnnnned it!! Probably.... ! But not just yet, I hope.
This is the second layer of glass cut out. As yet--nothing has been done to it so its just plain color...stay tuned.....over the weekend I will start to manipulate this layer and you'll see stuff begin to happen. Much of it is the ever-sublime Lambert's red 1001-r/cl--b the most gorgeous color in the world. its OK for an artist to have a favorite color, right? I like warm, warm reds that veer off into scarlet.
This Lambert's is the only sheet glass I know of that's a warm cherry red. For some reason most glass reds are wine-y or whiny....or browny... Second, it cuts perfectly--like a hot knife through butter. It grinds, sandblasts, engraves and files easily--which makes me think its quite soft. It also soaks up silverstain like a sponge--even when sandblasted and its always well behaved. Except that it tends to scream.
A close up of one of my favorite characters so far.
As always, click for enlargements.


Maureen said...

Love your blog! Could you talk about what kind of sandblasting equipment you have? I would like to buy a system to use mainly for blasting flashed glass.

Judith Schaechter said...

I will try to get to this soon--its been on my mind to do so!