Saturday, September 10, 2011

Carnival and Lent in prog

I'd like to attempt to copiously document the making of this piece--for my students and any others interested in my working methods, techniques etc etc. So here goes.
Above is the photoshop document printed out at actual size hanging above my light table. Inspiration or ominous threatening reminder of my deadline? Who can say....
The piece needs to be done before March and my best time estimates would put the ETA at.....2013! The pieces contains 95 figures. All of which must be fabulous or I will not have done my job. Meanwhile, I am teaching three three credit courses, which is full time. Oh yeah--that's some wacky time management issue!
First version of the cartoon (cutting pattern) for the bottom middle section on top--I simplified it below. A catrillion cut lines doesn't make a piece better or even more intricate. It is not necessarily "lazy" to make fewer or a sign of obsessive devotion to make more. I felt like I would be able to make the image with fewer so I got rid of some.

This is how I "plan color". Hahahaha! As you can see, its a big joke as I am barely even trying...just splashing some colors around so I have an idea of what glass to cut. I then immediately diverged from the plan, as I am wont to do. I.e. the Bird-monk playing tug-a-war with the naked clown is wearing a blue robe in the color sketch but I cut it out in yellow below. Maybe I will put a blue layer on top of that.
I cut some glass....
Then I sandblasted it. Just enough to cut into the surface and rough it up some. Show it who's boss...
OK--I then sandblasted the pattern into the clown suit. Just because I fancied the idea. The markings on the glass are done with a razor point sharpie. This is because I intend to paint these details in and the pen guides me--it burns off when the paint is fired on.

I think its important to note that I'm not operating on any kind of preconceived notion that I know what I am doing. I really DON'T! I have no clue how to make this window--I only know how to make something once its done. Does that make sense? I mean--I know how to cut glass and solder it together...but I do not know how to make this image YET...I am just acting and then reacting and on and on it goes...
stay tuned.
Any questions?

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