Friday, September 23, 2011

Currently the piece looks like this. I have cut glass for the entire piece--although not all the second (or third) layers have been cut.) I have begun roughing out these areas with my usual procedure of sandblasting and painting.
Believe it or not, I am doing some technical experimentation--I want to create "flash glass" by using float glass that has been enameled with transparent carmine #2227 (or is it 2777?) and silver stain (one on one side of the glass and the other on the flip side to facilitate easier manipulation post-firing). I had a few disasters...and I didn't take pics of them. Suffice it to say, the carmine doesn't mix with water and turps makes it turn into a sort of bloody bruised liver color that's opaque. YIKES! I went back to water and made a layer underneath that clown above. It doesn't have the clarity a layer of gold pink glass would have, but it is interesting!
Third layer on the little girl. This is done with gold pink glass (this is a color made by DESAG and is no longer manufactured. I own quite a few sheets of it, but when I run out I will be really mightily sad as it behaves much better than either Lambert's or Saint Just gold pink does. For one thing, the flash layer is nice and thin and pale. It seems with gold pinks, the manufacturer wants to give you as much pink as they can for the money.....but it is TOO THICK and as such it resists being used to create tonal variation with either sandblasting OR filing.) One thing about layering stained glass is generally speaking, thecolors should be lighter than you think. A little color goes a long way! A long, long, long, long way!!!!! Start piling up that glass and you get darkness and murk pretty quick!
I like this convergence of limbs.

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