Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday's stuff

Friends, Romans, Countrymen: what's this? What the piece looked like this AM. with the all the pieces made of flash glass engraved. So now they are ready for MORE PAINT, which is much easier than the first go-round and, just because you've been good, provides a super amazing level of return on your investment: meaning: it often looks fabulous.
Here is is with the second layer of paint--on everything but that lovely buttock on the right and the behumbled blue man at the top (well--he's got a shadow, but no detail yet.)(He's getting scythed to death by a ninja lady who may or may not be Pride)
The clown is starting to look like something....I can't believe I am gonna be able to pull off his shirt...wait! I don't mean that the way it sounds!!
More creepy faces. The top one was a surprise to me as the doodle its based on had little detail to go on.
Patience--who's getting her head kicked in by Wrath. I dunno if I bothered to mention it, but there's a number of sub battles here intended to vaguely refer to the Seven Cardinal Virtues versus the Seven Deadly Sins. But very, very loosely. Why? Because it will be better that way, trust me. These things need to work themselves out--not have me dictating their fates to them.


Anonymous said...

is virtue a clown? awesome!

Judith Schaechter said...

only sometimes, anon! It seems to go back and forth!