Saturday, October 8, 2011

OK! Now its "done". !!! By "done" I mean, this section is provisionally finished and barring any dramatic revision while I do the rest of the piece, this is what it will look like. Its not yet assembled--meaning its not soldered together. Clever stained glass artists will note that I have eliminated all light leaks between the pieces in photoshop as they are monumentally distracting and this is pretty much what this monster will actually look like when soldered.
Below, some details! Don't forget you can click to enlarge!
Changes since last post include the main clown's suit has a layer of blue added. This allowed me to make his hat have more blue in it too. I did this to balance out the color, having stained the road with blood....(which is an additional layer of red glass. The decision to do this took a week!)
Invisible to you: I eliminated the layers of glass that were only carmine and silverstain. With the addition of the blue layer, this would have made certain parts of the piece four layers. I didn't want that mainly because they would be thicker there and rise of the surface of the piece by about 5/8th of an inch--which would mess with the bas relief. So I eliminated that layer and painted the carmine on the back of the red and the silverstain on the back of the blue.
Knees, elbows, feets and hands. And intestines. Yes, I know they don't really fit into the torso that way...
Doggie's dinner

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