Sunday, October 23, 2011

Here's the current state of things.....
DEMO-TIME! OK: the bottom left is the head as it appeared the last time I posted. That version shows the glass having been sandblasted and painted with a thin wiping of black paint mixed with red for flesh to make a brown. There's also trace lines. It was fired on and then I proceeded to engrave and file tones into the flash. This color performs absolutely beeeeeeautifully with this technique! UNTIL the second and third firing!!! (See top left pic.) This firing causes the glass to strike--making it much darker, browner and as one can kind of see in the top right pic, in reflected light it seems to have metalized. The glass does poorly after the second firing, but gets even worse after the third! What's up with that??
OK--I already knew this about this glass and one has merely to re-file the surface to get the pink back. In fact--it looks even richer than before as there's a little bit of yellow tone and the darks are much richer. But still--its kind of a pain.

This glass is Verrerie Saint Just STD225 (sexually transmitted disease??) ANYWAY. I believe this violetty pink is made with iron. If any glasspeeps reading this can confirm or deny I would be most appreciative.

On the bottom right is how it came out in the end, after re-filing. One of my favortiest faces I've ever done...and to think...I found it on a doodle I thought more or less worthless. Just shows ta go ya!

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