Saturday, February 9, 2013

My tumblr site

Hey folks!
I now have a tumblr.
As you may have noticed, this blog is mostly updates on my art work.  I figured the tumblr can be a way of sharing that which inspires me.

Every day, in the manner of one reading a newspaper, I go though a ton of websites to peruse what images are tickling the fancy of various strangers.  Who knew there was so much weird and interesting stuff out there?  (Cue aging person's astounded rumination at the change in how imagery is distributed in the modern world.)
And no, I don't read the newspaper.  

Please read this post if you are interested in why I like these images...or in the parlance of today's youth "how I prefer to consume them.".

Meanwhile, here's a few images to jazz up this post!

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