Monday, September 20, 2010

harpy engraving

click to enlarge! This is on a piece of Lambert's blue on clear flash glass "B". Its about 13" x 17"
The procedure:
Sandblasted the silhouette--no detail. Just a light blast.
Traced drawing on glass with a razor point sharpie.
Engraved highlights and roughed out some of the shading (not too much)
Used a file to smooth out the tones.
There's some sharpie marker on the mouth. I don't really want to paint that on but I may.

The bottom image is me trying out a layer on the lightbox. That red is an outtake from my piece "Nature".


Anonymous said...

Hi Judith
How many hours did it take you to engrave and then file this piece of work?
Just generally your detail is amazing, and yet you are so prolific. How!!

Judith Schaechter said...

Hi Mo--
Hmmm...I don't keep track and it would be hard to do so because I really work in brief spurts--30 mins here and there. Part of the reason is that its hard work--hard on the hands and wrists.
But would say, all in all it took about 15 hours or so.