Friday, September 17, 2010

Eastern State Penitentiary project

From my proposal--a photoshopped image of what a cell might look like filled with the colored light cast by a stained glass window.
Example of the amazing spaces at Eastern State.

Hi all! I am super excited about this bit of breaking noose!
I have been chosen as one of the artists to do an installation at the historic ruin, Eastern State Penitentiary.

For many years, this has been my dream venue--its a truly amazing place. Each cell has chapel-like proportions and a window aperture reminiscent of a cathedral architecture. Not to mention the beauty of the decay....its an amazing place. I aim to make ten windows in all.

I am also working with United State's Artists Project Site to help raise funds. This site has a number of features that may interest people in that one can follow the project, interact with me etc. If you do choose to participate by funding--hey I will send you a present! And its not a tote bag, I promise! Pledges start at 1$, FYI.

You can access my page here!

I will have a blog at that site where I update my progress and my thoughts about the project...feel free to follow along.

I thank you so much for your interest and your support...!!!!♥♥♥♥


oO0JLKraft0Oo said...

This project is so exciting I can hardly stand it. I love your work.

Judith Schaechter said...

Hey thanks!!! I am pretty excited myself!