Wednesday, December 16, 2009

loose ends etc

Remember him? Mr Sin Eater?
Here's flowers for the garden he's going to be crawling out of.

And here's a provisional set up on the light table.

In the image below , I took the previous photo and composited it with a photoshop sketch in order to see if the image in my brain is remotely compatible with the physical real world. It is...(...thank goodness...) Don't be put off by the color. Its intentionally not tended to as when I do it in glass it will all change.

In other news:
Here's some of the black and white bird sketches colored in photoshop. Soon to be a digital print, glass, and perhaps...a fabric.

AND FINALLY--I doubt you remember the "Cold Genius" so here's the figure yet again.
The piece is more or less complete. The whole thing changed a million times... Photos soon!!


maggie said...

Those birds would be great as a fabric. Spoonflower?

Jx said...

How could we ever forget the Cold Genius in all his manifestations? Looking forward to seeing how things are going with him. If anything could ever get me sewing again, it would be that fabric.