Saturday, December 26, 2009


This is the tracing paper pattern for "Sin Eater" you can see...its a little complex! (Its something like 40" x 28" or so.) I am aiming to complete this by New Years and should have images of two finished works to post shortly thereafter!
The flowers, are, for the most part made up of two to five pieces of glass (blossom, stem, leaves)--although the smallest ones are just one piece of glass (about an inch or so). Here they are tack soldered together.
The rocks...well, they range from 1/4" to about an inch and are two layers laminated. I had help with the rocks from the fantastic Anni Wilson. Mad props to Anni!! Since she doesn't have a website here's a couple of her wonderful works. I'm sorry I only have a few photos of her work to share.


Jx said...

Crikey moses, what a lot of bits! In the photos the flowers look a wonderful deep inky indigo.

Thanks for showing us Anni's work. Is the red bird piece soldered or appliqued? I love all the thick and thin solder lines on that one. Some great patterns on the alphabet piece.

Judith Schaechter said...

I believe the bird is a layer in Anni's piece. She's truly great with lead but this one's copperfoil.

Anonymous said...

Fascinated by your stuff. I'm dense to the 9th degree, So, how will you attach the flowers to the panel??

Judith Schaechter said...

Hi Anon--
Have you made a copperfoil stained glass window? This piece is pretty standard--just lots more parts.
It is now finished! The photographer comes on Weds and I will post images then.
They should show more than I can describe--but if they don't and if I have not sufficiently answered your question let me know!

Anonymous said...

Anon again.
fantastic! Can't wait to see how you join it together. I copperfoil, but... my constructions are so simple and 'ordinary' compared.. (i won't even go there!!). i don't make 'units' and join them together. I start at a corner and build onwards and outwards.
I feast on your stuff and am baffled!

Anonymous said...

Love your work. My mind is blown to at least as many bits as there are in the “flower” and “rock” buckets. A silly question though… Your solder lines are black – I am (most likely naively) assuming that you are applying black chemical patina to them. If so, what do you do about patina “eating” the paint off the glass? Are you just being careful in applying it? Waxing the glass first? Anything else? I hope the question makes sense. Thanks.