Tuesday, June 30, 2009

latest stuff

Small (8" wide) piece. In progress--to display at Pilchuck when I'm there in July.

Bull engraving (from above--done on 1006bl/clb Lamberts)

Bull sketch--I dunno nuthin' about bulls...this was made from a composite of sources including photographs found on the net, a simple cartoon, images of the Taurus zodiac symbol and "Ferdinand the Bull" by Munro Leaf. This is all in preparation to do a piece on the theme of Minotaur.

Eyeballs before and after. The black ellipses are a second layer. I am pleased with how strangely labial they look! And when they're not labial, they look like fish or bugs...


Anonymous said...

Those eyes! Vagina dentata, meet vagina oculara!

And wot a happy frolicking bull! Perhaps he is thinking of Pasiphae. His mama wishes he'd eat more, though.

Cool, cool, cool!!!

Oisín said...

Needs more teeth, Obfuscator!

Oisín said...

So, Judith...HOW WAS PILCHUCK? I've been waiting for your report ;)

Judith Schaechter said...

Hi Oisin--
I was just visiting my dad--I'll get on that report stat!
Love, Judith