Wednesday, June 24, 2009

eyeballs versus lips

any thoughts...? I'm making a real quickie-tiny one to show when I teach at Pilchuck. The eyeballs...a bit trite..but then again, they're freaking EYEBALLS and have an automatic engaging thing going on with the viewer's eyeballs responding on an animal level. Lips are nice...the sexiest part, if you ask me...but not as powerful an image, perhaps. What say you, good people?


Barbara Nichols said...

The eyes have it. They the gateway to your soul. I have always looked my kids straight in the eyes to know if something is wrong or if all is good. The eyes definitely the eyes.

Aliyah Gold said...

I second that vote for eyes

Jx said...

If I was in your class, I would want to do whichever was the most difficult while you were there to advise!

Judith Schaechter said...

Hey Jx--
easy peasy to make it hard...!
I'm gonna do it in a pink glass that strikes. VERY annoying!
I am going for the eyes...and then when I am full of regret, I will do the lips.

Barbara-- I feel the same way about lips...probably because I need to look at them when someone talks to me to fully understand what they are saying. But eyes are good too...and ears....

Maybe I shoulda done NIPPLES!