Thursday, January 1, 2009

Input Received (so far!)

This is great--thank you all.

OK so Miss Fidget wants to see the alligator piece (Here it is--its called "The Talk" 2008).

Tara wants to see my daily life. This, I can try--I don't usually document things in that way and also my routine existence is really super boring!! But...if I do something of interest, I will post about it. As it happens I started this blog during a real lull--coming after last summer and fall when I was ridiculously super busy doing stuff that actually wasn't boring! (First I taught at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, then I went to the Glass Art Society Conference in Portland, the American Glass Guild Conference in Cherry Hill, NJ, then I taught at Toyama City Institute of Glass (TIGA) in Toyama, Japan.
When I got back I had about 60 days to complete my first ever permanent, architectural pice "Seeing Is Believing" for the new Museum of Arts and Design on Columbus Circle in New York City.
Then things slowed down and I started this blog.)

Bacci Galoupi suggests images of student work--I have TONS of images but I think I should get their permission to post it, but for now check out the work of the TIGA students. He also suggest images of my bug collection (uh? What bug collection? I do, however have a taxidermy collection and lots of bones and other wunderkammery type stuff...which I can post at some point but MEANWHILE Libby Soffer and Roberta Fallon of Artblog have a Flickr set up from when they came over for lunch a while back.

And JX wants me to show in England (me too!!!) and to talk some about technique. Okie dokie--I shall include some of that in the future. JX--I taught at Northlands in Scotland in 2007. AMAZING experience. Maybe someday they will invite me back!
It will be a challenge to talk about technique but I really want to share that type of info so I shall do so.

PLEASE keep letting me know how "Late breaking Noose" can serve you by leaving me comments! THANKS and happy new year to you all!


Jessica said...

The alligator piece is GORGEOUS! Wow, I didn't think you were serious about collecting vintage photos of girls & gators...I'll try to find more!

Judith Schaechter said...


Oh no--seriously--I really DO have a collection!

Bacci Galoupi said...

Yes, that Wunderkammer stuff would be spot on. That flickr set was pretty nice. Gorgeous Kittys.

Jx said...

I've just discovered that one of your pieces - 'Birdbath' from 1999 - is in London's Victoria and Albert Museum, so I shall be making a trip over there as soon as I can.

I mentioned to someone in their Ceramics and Glass dept that you would like to show here ;-) Any more Brits who read this, join me in some pester power!

I saw a dried piranha fish on a stick in a charity shop today and thought of you. I'm going to go back and get it tomorrow.

Angharad said...

Hi Judith- you know I love your work as I emailed you a blatant fan letter before! I didn’t know you had a blog though, it’s great as it gives me a chance to add my voice to the ‘PLEASE exhibit in the UK’ contingent again. (and I love seeing your work in progress too) Angharad

Judith Schaechter said...

I have a dried piranha on a stick! We can exchange photos!