Sunday, January 25, 2009

In Progress

The top shows the piece with the snow layer sort of done. I used Armour Etch to get a "drifty" effect.--tons and tons of it, in a bath took days to get through the flash. But it can make a nice wifty, drifty, cloudy nebula kind of look which I thought would be good for snow. I have a feeling that I could get somewhere if I actually tried some experiments. For instance--a lighter color flash might have been a better choice and preserved more of the brushstrokes the acid makes.

The next photo shows the piece at the same stage as the previous--but I have overlaid the negative for the branches and set down the snowflakes (both of which will be on another layer of glass). The branches won't be densely black when I am finished! (and yes--it doesn't look like a negative but it is--its for a photo sandblast stencil--from Rayzist!) You will be able to see the snowflakes and the figure much clearer.

This piece was inspired by this Klaus Nomi video--"The Cold Song" by Henry Purcell


JayV said...

Wow- You've done a lot of covers for quite a range of musicians. Impressive. Did you have a relationship with these musicians prior to doing their cover art, or did they contact you to do covers for them because they were familiar with your work?

I am really enjoying your blog. Especially the demonstrations. I was an offhand glassblower for several years but the demands of having a young family make that kind of studio time nearly impossible. I need something I can do in my house that still keeps me close to glass.

I'm thrilled to know that flat glass can be so versatile and beautiful and hope to join you for one of your summer classes next year.


Judith Schaechter said...

Hi JayV--
The most layers I've done might be six or seven? But at that point its to correct some over engraving or something. Three is typical.

As for the record covers--I knew some of the artist and not others--it just depends!!

Thanks for your kind words!!
Love, Judith