Monday, June 16, 2014

Fleeing Foxes

Here is a recently finished piece called "Fleeing Foxes"
Stained glass (flash glass, sandblasted, engraved, hand-filed, vitreous paint, copper foil).  The size is 35"x 32". 

"Fleeing Foxes"

Wow--the flaming aqueduct really looks like crap in this image.  I am not sure why as its fine on my computer screen in preview, photoshop et al.  Well, so be it. Please know that there is much detail and subtle nuance in that section of the piece!



The bottom section was engraved into blue lambert's flash glass

These are two of the photoshop sketches I used....trying to decide if it should have a human figure or not.

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Anonymous said...

Bright blue sky full of stars with wisps of fire or red from the rising or setting sun.
Man made structure, aqueduct built to advance the society by relocating water for agriculture and cities is now in flames. Is the water toxic to the point that it will burn? How can this be?
Lots of vegetation but it is all red, is this because of the glow or contamination. Fleeing foxes are the oh so clever humans who have constructed a society that is now burning?? Who is the rabbit, the innocents ?
David Hopper