Friday, September 7, 2012

Gorky's Granddaughter

No, silly! I'm not Gorky's real grand daughter!  I am the grand daughter of Mr and Mrs Edwin Ivor Thompson and Mr and Mrs  Abraham Isaac Schaechter!  Gorky's Granddaughter is a very interesting website with artist's interviews for your perusal and pleasure. Here is the interview with me--made on a recent saturday afternoon.  I really do spout off on a number of topics including sausage casings, U2 and the Baroque.  I also model the snake fabric as an attractive muumuu!
Please check out other interviews at their site here!
 Meanwhile, apropos of nothing, but in the spirit of my religion: ANCESTOR WORSHIP, here are my real grandparents. Top; Schaechters, Bottom; Thompsons.


Flyingcheesetoastie said...

Great interview, I think you bamboozled them a couple of times but luckily had shiny things to distract them too!

Rachel x

Matthew Chinian said...

Hi Judy;
I just watched your entire interview, wow! I'm thinking about a ham hanging in that netting, and wondering where can I get one? and how soon can I actually eat it? Having it=good not having it=evil. So yeah, how much I like being in a remote location, mostly so no one can find me and I can stare out onto a beautiful place, mostly so no one can find me. I think I stopped doing realistic (or beautiful) work because of how marginalized, it seemed to be , how silly some of the conversations about relevance (and maybe sex, drugs and rock and roll too had it's effect,being 19) I guess I like sitting in that place, right in the middle, between decadence and virtue, trying to find that exact center. I totally dig the breadth of your work, the damned and the saintly. I also admire how much time you put in! Very inspiring. I'm trying to figure out all this web stuff, In my absence from art making, everything changed, so while I would like no better than to be lost, Showing it to the world all with a click of a mouse is a strange thing! I started a blog, than a web site, all marginally functional, hoping that facebook would be the place for cat pictures and the other would be about real work, but it all seems to smush together. Anyway, thanks for "sharing"