Saturday, February 18, 2012


Here are images of the top left and right panels all the way through almost completing them. The entire window will be done...tomorrow!!!! I will post pictures Monday or Tuesday of the finished work. Dominic Episcopo, my photographer, comes Monday. After this window is done there are three more very small piece left to make for the Eastern State Penitentiary project. It is scheduled to be completely installed by the end of March!!
Above is the cartoon on the light table. As always, click to enlarge the images.

Here is the piece with the initial glass cut out.
Sandblasted glass.
First layer of paint.

Sandblasted, first layer of paint fired on, then the glass is engraved, and the second layer of paint is added.
some details

Working on the second layer
Some details of how sections look completed

What the right hand top part look like
What the right hand top part look like

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