Thursday, January 6, 2011

All the Noose that's fit to print

Sorry for the lack of posting....may I plead holiday distractions?
Here's what's going on at Studio House of Rats:

1. new print "Feral Child" 60" wide....woot woot!

2. Sculpture (currently in plasticine, to be cast in glass by Steve Easton). Hey--sculpture is fun! Who knew????

3. I am writing a book. Title suggestions welcome...this is going to be five essays.

"Beauty-Inspiration-Creativity"--this incorporates the beauty essays from this blog--rewritten for the ten thousandth time. I swear...this time nailed it. yeah right!

"Craft in the Age of Digital Technology"--craft...what is it distinct from fine arts and design, why should anyone care, etc.

"This is Not a Pipe" on the notion "authenticity"--originally for a symposium at Camden Rutgers but posted here too.

"Treasure and Torture" --art and politics. Ugh. I hate politics. This was written originally to present to my UArts students in conjunction with a project they were assigned. They were tasked with responding to the "Tesoros" exhibition at the Philly PMA, an exhibition of post-colonial South American art and artifacts.

"Light, Divine and Otherwise"--stained glass and light.

So enough about do you think I look?


miss fidget said...

essays on art, beauty, craft and sex

(throwing in sex to increase your web hits)

Len McCawley said...

Feral Child = raw beauty. To see the subconscious blossom from your work and from the wolves mouth is to see beauty unclothed. Love the birch trees too!

Title for your book, hummm: Breaking the stained glass ceiling or You call that art? or Stained Soliloquies or Confessions of a glass addict

I love your girl head. I can't wait to see it in glass. It would be cool if you could put your pretty birdies in her head, where her brain would be