Monday, March 29, 2010

great news!

Once again available at His Glassworks! 1/2 Inch diamond discs!! Great for making tones fast on sandblasted flash glass or getting rid of color in an area you decided need getting rid of but the sandblaster was too far away. Just a great thing to have and have fun with.... (I silicone the disc to the mandrel).
Buy them and experiment!!


Jx said...

Cool! What grit do you find most useful?

Judith Schaechter said...

I use the black and the red one a lot. The thing is--they don't work so well on non-sandblasted glass. Its like the abrasive can't even get a grip and it slides off the glass.

Its basically the same idea as the file--only electric powered so its good for roughing things out and for larger areas. Its really a time saver.

I did the sky in the demo below with it and it looked great--so its perfect for making "glowing areas".

I just started using them so I don't have any more tricks to share but I bet over time I (and hopefully others) will come up with more applications for this tool. It seems very promising to me!