Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I recently received a stack of papers from Site Santa Fe, (where my work was exhibited recently in their wonderful "Pretty is as Pretty Does" show).

Apparently their
Education Department has a program called Youth Guide Art Journal, which has worksheets available for when school children visit which helps them to engage them with the artworks. In my case they had an image of the piece (the one seen above: "Phosphenes") and they asked the children to respond to two questions...

I worry about children looking at my work sometimes and I was relieved at least one of them said it made them happy...besides that I found their comments to be insightful, intelligent, funny and very, very are some of them below:
1. what’s going on in these pictures?
I think that the little girl is lying in an oven burning
2. What do you think the characters in the images are thinking about or how are they feeling? What makes you say that?
Because she looks kind of hot.

1. what’s going on in these pictures?
I see flowers and I see like some butterfly flying and I see the sun
2. What do you think the characters in the images are thinking about or how are they feeling? What makes you say that?
I see a girl laying on her bed thinking of something. She looks like a clown.

1. what’s going on in these pictures?
I think that the girl is sad and she’s lieing on a hammok but for some reason it is snowing in the summer
2. I think these characters are sad. I thnk they are sad because the looks on their faces.

1. I see a baby on a bed looking up at you
2. It makes me happy

1. A girl is laying in bed and I see a flower and it looks like she is ascareded.
2. It looks like if she is ascerd because I see her eyes.

1. It looks like its snowing on a baby who is sleeping on a cushion from a couch.
2. Sad and lonely they look weard they are frowning + hair +eyes look sad.

1. I think the little girl is looking up at the sky on a mattress.
2. I think she is tired and sad and maybe she is a fairy.

1. There is a baby dreaming about her mother.
2. She is feeling very sad that she is thinking about her mom. She’s in the bed.

1. It looks like she’s lifting to heaven.
2. She’s felling skerd because she blind and she’s going to heven.

1. I think she is a baby girl.
2. She is so bord.

1. She’s going to sleep in a dream with snowflakes inside.
2. She’s feeling very sad and poor on a matres. And looking at snowflakes in the sky.

1. It looks like she likes the textur.
2. It looks like she likes the feeling of the bed.

1. I see a clock. I see some corn. I see a child.
2. I think she’s dreaming about corn and clocks. Because of the colors.


Anonymous said...

I like the last comment the most. "Because of the colors"... direct, instinctive, trusting that we know what he/she means.

Do you feel that you're getting a littile mirror of what a particular kid's inner life might be like from their observations?

"Phosphenes" on a black background is my new computer desktop!

TaraTaraTara said...

The children really got into their imagination reality with the wonderful sunny snow shower optical illusion and the girl's powerful facial impressions showing an intense vitality. Thanks for sharing the kid's aesthetic insight.

robert cooper said...

wow, this image really meshes with a new album i just got through listening to : Mercury Rev "Snowflake Midnight". the first vocals are : snowflake in a hot world.

another nice window,
what more could the world ask for?

longtime fan, and glass artist

Judith Schaechter said...

thanks, Robert Cooper--I shall listen to the song!