Monday, March 23, 2009

Results are in!

First of all—thank you for all your input.

The results are in:
The top row left got one vote
Top row middle got six,
Top right, two votes.
Middle row left, nine votes (the “winner”),
Middle row middle, four votes.
Middle row right, four votes.
Bottom row left, seven votes
Bottom row middle, three votes
Bottom row right, six votes.

Initially I was going to make the middle row middle... I got the following feedback regarding extending the fence into the dark area: it flattens it out too much, its distracting etc. I liked it for those reasons but since it would be technically very difficult, I wasn’t married to it and was really toying with the notion decided to drop it. Too many of my trusted advisors were unimpressed with that one...
As of today.....I am making the one with the blue snowflakes and the red branches—no fence. Or at least, as of today, right now, I am...! Everything’s subject to change based on mood, weather, capricious whim, indigestion...whatever. Coincidentally (or maybe not) that IS the winner. I have already done the branches and they are much more subtle in the glass piece than on these sketches.
I actually wanted to make the one with the red snowflakes but making red snowflakes and red branches would mean I would need to find a way to distinguish the two-they would be very same-y same-y...but I liked the idea of making a cold scene with unexpected, warm colors. Next time...
FYI: Both middle and bottom row right would be darned near impossible to make and also I found them too cluttered.

I learned some things—mainly that I don’t think I found a solution that’s really the best for the piece...I really believe its possible to come up with something that would be a clear runaway choice...but it eludes me now and I need to move on. Second of all—there’s technical considerations—not the least of which is the difference between looking at computer sketches and the real thing in real scale. Anyway—I really appreciated all the feedback and input. It was helpful!!!!! I hope people like this Frankenstein monster when I finally finish.


Chris Rywalt said...

You've got the rest of your life to work on it, don't you? You're not in any hurry, I hope.

Judith Schaechter said...

Late breaking noose: I'm not making a single one of them anymore.........I SHELVED the sucker!
The color test shall I say it? Vomitrocious.

I'll finish...latah gatuh!

Jx said...

Wise move! We didn't want to say they all looked rubbish but.... (ducking and running away very fast)

Judith Schaechter said...

One probem is that the face is one of my best. The piece seemed to be resisting all my efforts to bring the rest up to that level.
I need a break and to work on some stuff that isn't so demanding...time to play a bit!